Martina and the Bridge of Time

Martina’s school book says that the history of Panama starts when Christopher Columbus first sets foot on the Isthmus. But that cannot be right, nothing starts in 1502!
But when Martina asks her teacher what was happening in Panama before the Spanish invasion her teacher was speechless; she just didn’t know. And neither did the corner shop’s owner, or even Martina’s family. And just like that, she decides to find out the real history of the Isthmus of Panama on her own. By building a time machine!
And in the process, Martina discovers not just the phenomenal story of the formation of the Isthmus of Panama, but deep truths about her family. And herself.


Salt, Wind and Sea

After spending weeks traveling with a pod of humpback whales, Martina returns home to the Panamanian coasts full of curious facts, a lot of photos, and the need to share everything she has learned. But Martina landed miles away from her home and must now travel through the mangroves and salt beds of the River Santa Maria estuary.
After hours of walking under the sun and heat, Martina soon finds a little house where to rest. Looking around Martina soon finds a forest of sticks, with strings tied between them, on which fish and shark filets blow in the wind like flags.
This is how Martina meets Francisco, an old fisherman with skin like cured leather, who teachers Martina about a family tradition that is older than the country they live in.


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