Hello everybody.

I haven’t been writing here a lot lately. While I have a LOT to say, somethings it is harder to find the time to actually write it down.

As such, I thought it might be fun to share what others have written. News!

You may not know this, but Panama now has the world’s largest marine conservation area – nearly bigger than the country’s land area, actually. La Cordillera de Coiba is a marine landscape that has mountains as tall as 3,000 meters – who knows what lives down there! La Estrella.

Another tidbit I have for you is that I’ve had the luck of working with Erin Dillon, a Ph.D candidate from the University of California, Santa Barbara, who has been studying coral reefs in the Caribbean for a while. We collaborated to create an illustration that helps share this ecological history to a wider audience. It involves sharks!

Until next time!